Abandon traditional marketing growth hackers business growth tips

in Silicon Valley, a long hidden secret is now beginning to be leaked.

if you look around the latest market value of billions of dollars in the company, you will find that most of their marketing have not reached the height of traditional marketing, on the contrary, they use a new way of thinking, observing every activity, so as to achieve the real purpose of promoting business growth. This fully centralized, different from the Business School of time marketing is the key to success, such as today is becoming a rising star companies: Square, Uber, Airbnb. They have a common name called "growth hacking" (growth hacker)".

I saw a trend in Silicon Valley, as early as 2010, he proposed the "growth hacking (growth hackers)" way to express, and traditional marketing personnel between them, and also a group of experts in the start-up company in order to increase the result oriented difference. These so-called growth hackers come from a variety of backgrounds, including marketing, sales and engineering. They do not have so many professional background and training, can achieve the later achievements, the key lies in its training method. Growth hackers removed the traditional marketing function, simply focus on the company’s user base or revenue growth.

the real magnetic pole of a growth hacker is to grow up, to test whether your company is highly creative, and to have a high degree of analysis, and to make a real difference. That’s why no matter what your background, or the size of your company, growth hacker can help your business grow with the right mindset and approach.

said so much, in fact, just want to say that you should not just get stuck in the "growth hack" and its terminology. The important thing is not the terminology, but the real grasp of its core concepts. Our real focus is on the growth of the business, not the so-called marketing. This requires the development of a realistic, systematic strategy for sustainable development, innovation and creativity. Of course, this is not to establish a sense of your own brand publicity or public relations to generate unnecessary worry. You need to connect your product to the target market to grow as quickly as possible.

so, how do you implement this new approach? Where do you need to find ideas and inspiration to promote business growth?

obviously, you can’t learn these from books. The contents of the book is too fast, and will soon become known as the common sense, which weakens your advantage. However, this does not mean that you should completely ignore them. By reading, you can learn to positioning, user psychology and other basic knowledge. Make good use of these resources, you can lay a solid foundation of knowledge, which can be used to guide you how to work hard.

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