The United States has profit value chain investment company as a tool of capital turnover

First, background

"commercial + real estate" business model ""

this "business model" of the housing industry as the home appliance chain and improve profitability, capital operation and industrial chain operation ability. The United States raised by commercial real estate, at the same time through real estate development to provide for their own outlets to reduce pavement rent prices pressure. As we all know, a large part of McDonald’s chain of income is not from the store, but from real estate. Although in June 7, 2004, China Eagle Group announced the acquisition of OceanTown (formerly Gome Appliance Co holding company) all the issued shares, the total price of 8 billion 800 million yuan, and renamed Gome, the main home appliance retail, while the United States will gradually be Eagle Holdings said estate investment gold statue estate transfer, gradually fade out of the real estate business, but in fact from the Wong Kwong Yu family recently, a series of capital operation, the group of the United States and expansion of the real estate business efforts but strengthened, based on the original experience in real estate, and the establishment of the United States Zunjue real estate home, and tomorrow and other new real estate companies, significantly increase the real estate business development efforts.The successful operation of

2, deficiencies and defects

is the first service, although the United States continues to emphasize the importance of the service in the service constantly launched new initiatives, although the terminal to all day "

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