Easy to make money in the field of alliance see

now there are many individual owners complain that the site is difficult to make money. Although there are many web sites to provide a variety of CPC, CPM, CPA, advertising, but personal webmaster do finally, or be serious buckle quantity, or can not get the money, a few reputable website does not deduct the amount, also can get the money, but is often 2, 3 months in order to get 1, 200 yuan. It’s too hard to make money on these websites.

I have a station for some time, and how to make money on the issue of personal sites, but also some superficial experience, and now share with you.

first, to determine the theme and location of personal website, is to do navigation station or classified information station, personal website is not what stuff, to establish the site visit user group, and then to the site planning.


, but also to do the personal station to do a good job, to establish the unique charm of the individual station, allowing users to visit a time to remember your station, and recommend to other friends. There is a fixed number of users is your site to make money capital.

then, you have to choose the way to make money. If you choose the site alliance, it is necessary to choose those who have a good reputation of the union, but also choose to match your site with the characteristics of advertising.

I built a life care website, the main collection of beauty and health and fitness information, access to users are mostly young white-collar women. After a couple of comparisons between the sites I’ve seen and the ads that can be put in place, I chose http://s.yeemeng.com. First of all, I understand that the credibility of the union is not bad, I have a friend in the register of 100 million, and put on the top of the lottery category CPS ads, do not deduct the amount of payment in a timely manner (Commission accumulated to 100 yuan after the monthly settlement). On the other hand, Yimeng has a very attractive to advertisers — my natural health care network, put it in the diet pills, Yimeng breast products such as CPS advertising, the Commission reached 20%, coincides with my personal station features. My site on the body section to do well, there are a number of very fixed users access, I put the ads on the navigation of the position of the column, the picture and introduction of advertising is very attractive, put it, my site appears to be more vivid, at the same time, can also attract a visit the user’s eye. Put a few days after the ad, there will be a user through my station into the natural health care network, bought a bottle of 30 days thin treasure (discount price of $420), thus, I won a $84 commission. Before doing CPC, CPM advertising, I am not necessarily a month to get so many commissions.

do the above points, do not forget to make a simple SEO optimization Oh, so that the target group can be more easily through the search engine to find your site.

the rest of the thing, is to continue to do your stand, easy to earn commission.

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