90 Entrepreneurs financing the amount of water is large investor acquiescence

long ago, 90 overbearing President Yu Jiawen in public before a heroic utterance let more people know about the new generation of entrepreneurs, outshining national husband". His bold remarks also ignited public discussion about 90 entrepreneurs, someone behind, was also questioned.

no matter what age, a new generation of entrepreneurs always appear in bold image. In the past two years with the rapid development of the Internet, not only in the number of entrepreneurs to increase than in the past, compared to other entrepreneurs also have a younger age trend.

and other entrepreneurs in different ages, "fearless" spirit in the 90 reflects more. Dare to do, is unique to their personal independence of conduct’s personality, this trait is attracting more and more attention of the angels.

no doubt, they were born in the best of times.

in this era, the suffering of the business are weakening, entrepreneurs do not need money to leave no stone unturned, Chafanbusi, a wave of investors, the congregation raised platform lined up for their bold ideas to pay, and they need to do is to provide ideas, understand the needs of.

but in the process, they are too focused on marketing and ignore the product experience.

for 90 entrepreneurs, to learn is no longer the ability to tell the story in front of the capital, but the practical implementation of improved products.

capital for creative bill

no matter what age, courage and bold decision are essential qualities of entrepreneurs. These are just a group of people who have just stepped into the society is born with the characteristics.

with other entrepreneurs is different, as the Internet aborigines, 90 Internet gene carrying other times people are elusive. They have a deeper understanding of the internet.

a lot of entrepreneurial projects are rooted in the daily life created by these 90.

, like the library and other campus class APP, the most basic reason is driven in the life of a problem, and the site itself or through a series of code to solve this problem. This kind of software can be quickly spread in this group without publicity.

The new era of

to 90 entrepreneurs in addition to the unique acceptance, understanding, analysis, in the attitude of life is not willing to put their own, not sticking to formalities, the loose environment so that they live in relatively free. Many angel investors are also attracted by their unique personality in the first contact, many investment examples also prove that a lot of angel investment is entrepreneurs, not just the project.

in communication, even if the age is not the same, most of the angels and these entrepreneurs will not have obstacles. We are very understanding of this group, there is no understanding of the investment can not be completed." One investor said. >

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