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Tencent technology Xu Shuzhi reported on October 16th

in the application market, Matthew effect is particularly evident. According to Apple’s official announcement, the current App store, the total number of applications has more than 900 thousand. How to stand out from so many applications, has become a problem that every entrepreneur has to think for a long time.

recently, a self-made expression application developed by Meitu Xiu Xiu face factory "rushed to the apple App Store free list (now fell to second). The red list of events can not help but recall the "crazy guess map", PK star face application has staged a drama. Overall, crown road because these products caught some Flashpoint, they may experience to other applications to enlightenment.

needs to grasp the outbreak point

Meitu Xiu Xiu

expression factory product manager introduced to the outside world, the main reason is the successful expression of factory, cut the user demand point. Currently, most of the mobile terminal expression directly from the PC to move, and the expression Factory allows users to make their own head into a facial expression, the use of people’s curiosity, increase the exchange of mutual entertainment.

the expression is inspired by a popular micro-blog foreign expressions inspired by StickerMe, that is, the use of homemade expression in the social circle to share the way to cause concern. And in 2009, Meitu Xiu Xiu also launched a popular "Bobblehead" on the PC side, can make real dynamic expression, so in July this year, Meitu Xiu Xiu set up a "face factory" application project, function integration will Bobblehead and StickerMe, made a plug-in expression.

the product began to position like the pursuit of new things young people, DEMO out of research, re positioning of the national product. Because the survey found that many elderly people in order to communicate with their children began to use WeChat, which can be the expression of the elderly and the children are laughing at home. Therefore, the expression factory in the production, not only for young users, but also taking into account the use of children and the elderly.

at the WeChat platform, these applications is an important strategic choice. Based on the size of WeChat’s user base and reputation effect, can quickly bring the value of such products can be spread. Especially when the product with the WeChat keyword, in the list of the emergence of the user has further aroused curiosity.

learning popular game communication mechanism

expression factory in the dissemination mechanism, the study of some popular game applications, the use of shared unlock mode. Part of the expression material needs the user to share the expression factory to micro-blog or WeChat to unlock, and further promote the expression of the spread of the factory.

expression factory R & D time, WeChat has not launched the expression store. However, the team also made a look at the prevention of the plant, as far as possible with the introduction of WeChat shop can be differentiated expression, designed to make WeChat better expression >

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