The mobile nternet business XuSanDuo syllogism

UC from 2004 to this year has been nine years, through the development of many years to seize the mobile Internet users demand the most original, and service due to the large number of users into the variable factors in the Internet giant’s "Chinese". A review of these nine years, a lot of feelings Yu Yongfu, whether it is business or business, for this experience he used a word to sum up: the innovation of feeling is the heart to play, the feeling of business is hard.

, entrepreneurs are "XuSanDuo"

as an entrepreneur, give yourself a self portrait, who would you choose? Strong restless Beethoven? Ill fated Van Gogh? Or is the legendary life of Jobs? As for Yu Yongfu, he said that all entrepreneurs are executed, because entrepreneurship was a prolonged war, only never give up to the people in order to reach the commanding heights. When we succeed, think of life in these have to accompany the journey and the scenery, most are hard work ahead in the scene in the market, which is full of hardships, bloody tears, may also have a close call. These ups and downs are entrepreneurs themselves, more or less will have each individual thoughts and feelings, and in the process of entrepreneurship has been accompanied by your beliefs may have "XuSanDuo" shadow.

everyone has different inner monologue, monologue in calm calm, a happy life experience, but also in the current thinking of the change.


mobile Internet business.

1, redefinition: redefining the implementation of user core requirements

for a long time in the past, we are extremely excited to discuss a topic, as entrepreneurs themselves created a new user needs, in fact, this is very dangerous. Although the development of a few thousand years, but the demand is innate, the more primitive demand, the more intense, the creation of the value of the body will be greater.

there is a demand for information humanity. In the past with the change of science and technology, we are not only to create demand, technology does not stop in new ways to meet the needs of users, such as newspapers into documents, phone into a mobile phone, and the birth of the Internet is to meet the information needs of the people through the Internet technology innovation.

human and entertainment needs. When the external environment can not provide users with a natural demand, there is an important way to generate game. Game from the class, PC to the difference is the best interpretation of the phone, the user needs to play the game has not changed, the change is how to redefine the innovation after technology innovation, innovation to meet the needs of users.

even with the man and life service demand: past taxi mainly through the phone, but most people do not love, because the efficiency is too low, but in the mobile Internet, taxi drops, quick taxi APP application came into being, because this application improves the efficiency to meet the needs of users. < >

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