Google advertising ranking new algorithm quality will play a more important role

Google advertising quality score algorithm and the latest changes. This will affect the ranking of the search results page.

maybe people have seen it, in general, all the good location (that is, the higher position) of the ads will be higher than the low position of the advertising hits. This is because high advertising is easier for searchers to see. In order to calculate the most accurate mass, it is necessary to take into account the location factor, and to eliminate the impact of factors. Google’s new algorithm eliminates the impact of advertising on the click rate. According to Google’s official blog, the change will "ensure that advertising is based on quality and price based and fair competition.". And so that Google will be able to search the most relevant advertising display, the quality of advertisers feedback to better advertising."

Another change in

is an added emphasis on quality. To display at the top of the search results page, advertising must meet the quality threshold. In the past, if you have the highest ranking ads can not meet the conditions, then there will be no advertising on the search results. But the latest algorithm allows to meet the quality threshold of the ads displayed on the search results, even if it is to cross other advertising. For example, if the right of the search results page first advertising, quality is not high enough, but the second ads meet the quality point, then the second ads will be able to skip the first ad, displayed in search results. This change means that the quality will play a more important role in determining which ads are in a prominent position. But there are people in the industry believe that this approach allows Google to show more advertising, thereby enhancing the company’s revenue.

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