The Bang Camp camp season looking for young entrepreneurs positive energy

lead: Bang Camp is rich in the resources industry entrepreneur based "entrepreneur" magazine, the website, Demo China, entrepreneur Angel Fund on the integration of more than 7 years of accumulated for start-up enterprises to provide incubation services.

you are young entrepreneurial positive energy:

to the side, the way you got on the tip of your master; the Internet got under the entrepreneurial Shura; fight up dreams, starting to play tough — because the young, you have ambition, there are endless possibilities.

we’re looking for you:


your worth spending all, whether entrepreneur magazine or website tracking reports, or venture capital big coffee personally site, Taiwan broke a dry cargo to one guidance; either dig regiment funding, or all resources support…… We are Bang Camp entrepreneurial growth camp, we look for all the young entrepreneurial positive energy!

: we are looking for entrepreneurs to see positive energy! They have to change the world of dreams and courage, with cattle breaking to conquer us, with the ultimate pursuit of entrepreneurship.

you may be like him:

V live founder Liu Jingkang

The typical geek

he is probably small eyes:

90 Liu Jingkang, wrote a software, by just two seconds of audio cracked Zhou Hongyi’s mobile phone number, and so Li Kaifu was invited to join the "Innovation workshop"; in college because of 7000 students from the school according to design a university "average face" go red, known as the "standard brother".

he started a few degrees, from the video can be inserted into the dynamic placement of advertising technology xAd, to low-cost, easy to deploy, easy to spread the new live V live broadcast. You know, people are always saying that technology changes the world.

may also be awesome like him:

activities founder Luo Ziwen

activities began in Taiwan, specializing in the activities of registration and ticketing, to help the organizers to provide activities, registration management and promotion, ticket booking, event list and data management and other online tools. Now, the event has become the three largest number of monthly activities on both sides of the vertical platform, and is regarded as the most potential to become China’s Eventbrite venture company.

activity line released in Demo China: before the release, we only do a city, then our activity is 1% of a u.s.. After the show on the Demo China, we successfully get financing, and now the activities of the activities of the bank has covered three places, is the company’s 1/3 and 1/4." Activities in the participating in the entrepreneurial state of Demo Chin>

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