Returned to study online shop Chongqing girl on the Taobao round entrepreneurial dream

Daren resume


2007 sophomore set foot in Taobao purchasing

went to England to study for a master’s degree in 2009

in 2010 after returning to open shop

in 2012 opened second stores on Taobao, and consider entering the Tmall mall

alone to 4 people from a small team, from a few days did not see an order to do every day to make ends meet from dozens of single, current monthly growth of 30% to 50% of the amount of profit…… Because of the love of the University of Taobao, more than half of the girls from Chongqing to study in the UK after returning to work part-time in Taobao opened a shop, relying on their own design of a piece of clothing. Today, the resignation of the dream to concentrate on operating the shop, Taobao has opened second stores, and consider entering the Tmall mall.

sophomore involved in Taobao purchasing

June 8th, when the reporter saw Yu dream, she just concluded a meeting to return to their own company. When it comes to the opportunity to open a Taobao shop and the reason, Yu said with a smile."

in Sichuan University more than a dream, especially love to see clothes in Taobao, met love, unique style, will collections down for a long time, accumulated a lot of. Hundreds of pieces of clothing I can not buy it, it is often recommended to some friends, and the clothes they have been selected to the internet." Yu Meng said, gradually, more and more people to ask her collection of clothes is where to buy, friends, students also let the dream to help buy.

2007, I dream reading sophomore. This year, she opened her first shop in Taobao, specifically for purchasing.

every day, I dream on the Taobao search, choose different styles of clothes, and then pick a good collection of their own stores to show. Buyers fancy a clothes can be photographed directly, the dream is to buy from another seller, and then sell, earn the difference. "Such a business, for me is a zero input, do not run the risk of selling can not afford to buy, do not have to put the cost." Yu Meng said.

rely on purchasing to earn the difference, the dream of the store’s highest monthly turnover has reached 30 thousand ~ 40 thousand yuan, at least when it can profit from $7000 to $8000.

"if it is now, it is almost impossible to implement such purchasing. Each period has the advantage of each period, when I just seize this opportunity." I dream frankly.

returned to

2009, about to graduate from the University of dreams had a keen interest in marketing, she decided to study in the United Kingdom to pursue a master’s degree. Although Taobao shop has been doing a year and a half, a little famous, but in order to concentrate on reading, she still closed the shop.

During the period of studying abroad,

began to study the country

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