Go to Taobao to buy things go to the registered account money will become the mother guest history

is Asia’s largest retail network, taobao.com – network marketing platform, has been gradually integrated into people’s lives, any Internet users can help sell Taobao dispensers, earn commissions. It is predicted that in the next one or two years, the "online marketing force" is expected to more than one million, will provide at least 100 thousand direct jobs for domestic customers, Taobao has become the largest network occupation population has recently become difficult!:

1, a lot of Amoy the most used way is in some large blog station to establish their own blog promotion, but this behavior has been resisted, Sina, 163, etc. blog bus are cleaned regularly these sites, and many of the practical joke will go to report, so the method has a blog promotion difficult to survive.

2, because the mother of Ali and Taobao has its own screen closed link it from external pressure, Amoy promotion links will sooner or later screen closed, but the length of time problem. Amoy promotion from another site to gauge the root end or promotion, early built railway station is difficult to obtain Taobao promotion income. The difficulty is that you have to flow, and then have to do Baidu keyword. But for grassroots webmaster, the early investment plus mentality, often can not stick to it.

3, with the popularity of Taobao customers, an online time turned over the sky. Who may earn, earn much, now all know Taobao money off the "secret", "Taobao to buy things, go to the Ali Mama registered account", so buy yourself something equal to the Commission, cheaper goods! Mom like a registered account registered forum account so fast, as long as the e-mail OK, everyone can register. Now it is rare to see who is still bragging about how much money earned on Taobao.

poor those hundreds of Web site navigation and Amoy Amoy shop, is still struggling in the sea. Taobao customers in the end can not make money? The next myth of the network to make money who will start? We look forward to!

article source: rookie Adsense station http://s.cazzz.cn/ reprint please keep the link!

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