O2O death wave fermentation 9 into entrepreneurial projects do not fly only half a year to get the B

in September, a O2O death list circulated on the WeChat O2O business circle, behind the scenery is littered with corpses of the situation. Although some companies did not fall, but also frequent layoffs, shrinking news. Like an acre of land, Lanting Pavilion set potential has announced a major layoffs, while the founder of only 6 months of custom shuttle bus service koala bus on September 11th officially outage. With the capital to close the door, burn O2O has been dependent on enterprises no boost real money, also began to fall into the "one can’t make bricks without straw" dilemma. According to IT orange statistics, in the first half of this year, only about 1/4 of the O2O project can get B round of financing, the vast majority of O2O venture is likely to starve in the B round before.

indicates that the capital of the cold winter, or O2O industry freeze?

in the past year, food, fruit, supermarkets, convenience stores, including door-to-door and industrial chain line company, get more than $ten million, more than 50. But every day O2O venture capital companies to obtain financing, there are O2O projects suspended, fall.

combing the above "death list" can also be found, these are also to the spring Petals drop and waters flow. O2O business enterprise total more than 1000, involving a total of 16 areas of health, beauty industry, real estate, cars, education, catering etc.. Whether they are time, choose the industry product, communication, based on the content of potential energy based on the velocity based on the pain points based on the selected platform or avoid black hole, although a business development of new business models or tools, but seems to lack the core competitiveness. Most rely on the crazy burn subsidies to maintain the number of users, burning out is only "pseudo demand".

data show that in 2014 to get the A round of investment companies up to 846, while the number of companies to get the wheel B plunged to 225, C round very few. The root cause of this wave of closures, the industry set off a discussion: this wave of cold surge, what indicates that the capital of winter? Or the O2O industry

frozen period?Huang Yuanpu, founder of the O2O

Research Institute, said that the capital of winter is not only really come, and may be more serious than we thought. According to his observation, the current two market, whether it is A shares or stocks, whether it is the new three board or strategic emerging board, exit channels are not ideal. Two market downturn, VC fund-raising affected, cast into the primary market will be less money, venture capital companies to get the opportunity to follow the smaller.

but at the same time, he also pointed out that the capital of winter is only a relatively high market status. Thousands of O2O companies to obtain financing, the death of some of the normal survival of the fittest, do not have to read too much, in other areas is also true. To the electricity supplier, for example, 2010-2011 years hundreds of vertical electricity supplier to obtain financing, in 2013 after the rest of the really few, but this does not hinder the strength of the game player such as vip.com, jumei.com and other successful listing. In contrast, the O2O project than the electricity supplier to a high survival rate; even if the market is not good two

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