An Dongsheng the secret weapon of corporate nternet transformation

today, the Internet has caused a huge impact on the development of enterprises, in the face of such a grim situation, the transition has become the only self seeking method, but to the impact of the Internet in the victory, it is not easy to build a team, the Internet is a urgent thing.


in the face of fierce market competition, the rapid development of the market, many corporate employees have gradually and business development, is a contradiction, so that the development of enterprises lags behind the rapid development of the market environment, in this case, the enterprise transformation way of personnel has become a life-saving straw, only to set up a perfect talent system, in order to provide sufficient reserves of talent for the development of enterprises.

is an excellent team of talent, is not easy to build, but more important is to find a good team leader, do not blindly go to the envy of millet company Lei Jun, sometimes, an enterprise does need a similar Lei Jun as leader, he has excellent leadership, strong business look, can lead the company toward to the bright future, a wise thought leader, always at risk, overcome all kinds of crisis, to survive.

however, at this time the question is, you know, a company, an enterprise, is not only the leader a person at work, especially in the transformation of the Internet on the road, all the work is almost impossible only by one person to complete, at this time, the more the need to establish a team of Internet, where each one cooperate with each other throughout the entire process of enterprise system, so that these people become the impetus to the transformation of the internet.

All kinds of things in the

Internet era are changing, the market environment is changing every day, in this environment, innovation has become the biggest power companies to strip out the transformation of the enterprise resources, values and other aspects of the different, resulting in different aspects, so that the traditional enterprise it is difficult to adapt to the.

as a manager, looking for the way of transformation needs the talented person as soon as possible, the cultivation of innovative talents is the priority among priorities, so as to accelerate the process of transformation, to start a new business, to explore the development of new roads, however, such persons must have a keen sense of smell to people, things can be done very perfect talents.

Personnel management problems of

eggs in the chicken egg, chicken, must find the Internet innovative talents, talent is not the kind of execution of such personnel and, but to have the ability to innovate, to the rapid growth of talent, the introduction of new talent, you can inject new impetus for the development of enterprises, but many enterprises in the initial stage of transition, because of the blind introduction of talent, causes the enterprise and the personnel of the original team members to fusion, has a great impact on business travel speed, and even affect the success of the transformation.

In addition to

, the introduction of talent, it should be noted that the introduction of the conditions of the object, cited

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