Early entrepreneurs look over, what is the best position to get financing

Abstract: with respect to A, B round of start-up companies, angel round of the project, investors are more concerned about whether the track or tuyere. A team is strong, mainly in CEO individuals, and whether there is a strong potential, there is a strong growth, which is usually an angel round of investors are very concerned about.


when the era of entrepreneurship, with the opposite, a variety of fund companies are emerging. How to get the fastest financing entrepreneurs should be how to pose the face of investors for the focus on the product and project entrepreneurs, may not be very understanding. Now, the data will tell you: financing, but also a skilled knowledge.

serves as an early financing service platform for service startups and investors, with a share of the capital and titanium media sharing a set of behavioral data on early investors. The data report is mainly for the previous round of entrepreneurs A, so for the need for early financing entrepreneurs, it might as well look at oh.

1, the investment manager refused to lose the opportunity to show a roadshow of 90%

in addition to venture fund company as blossom everywhere, like bamboo shoots after a spring rain gush, product manager Wu Ethernet capital Chen Yu told us that in the monitoring of their data, every week a new fund company out of every three people, there is a fund company partner, but the number of investment managers is not specific method of statistics.

from this data, then the risk of entrepreneurs exposed to the investment fund partners greatly increased, however, the fact is not the case. Wu Chenyu said, according to the number of institutions in the registry of the etheric, greater than or equal to 4 individuals, institutions, but this part of the big institutions accounted for only 20% of the proportion. That is, nearly eight hundred small institutions, at least one partner, the bank will have a partner of the three".


so if entrepreneurs want to talk to a partner in a first tier investment firm, Wu Chenyu tells us that the odds are very small. In the first tier agencies, only 25.3% of the partners met the first side of the project, more than 70% of the partners will not directly see the first side of the project.

if the investment manager and partner of the proportion, 2/3 of the investment managers in large organizations, and a partner in only four points see project first, then want to partner with direct talk, only about 10% of the risk.


so it is obvious that, for those who want to see the partner of the entrepreneur, the refusal of the investment manager means that the loss of 90% front-line agency roadshow opportunities.

the reason for the refusal of an investment manager for most entrepreneurs

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