s your product suitable for free Don’t start shouting free

in the Internet business on the road, "free" is the ultimate way of products, but often become every entrepreneur "based on the book", and even began to highlight the pursuit of "free" products have the order reversed phenomenon.


successful Internet products are mostly free to appear in front of the public, and this naturally became the object of each Internet entrepreneurs advertised so each industry to "free" par.

free product

What is the essential factor of

free? A product cost is close to zero, and this "near zero" cost most of the huge user base in the so-called "affiliated" industry, "derivative" services to businesses, toll free to users of the "ultimate" product phenomenon, and foundation "income and cost" does not have a qualitative leap, and is a common economic phenomenon after infinite amplification, bring visual difference.



10X-X=9.999…… -0.999……



why? 10X should have been equal to "9.99……" Rather than "9.999……" , but the value is equivalent to the value of infinite amplification, but 0.999…… After the infinite amplification is about equal to 1 ah, which has nothing to do with X, and nothing to count.

entrepreneurs over the pursuit of success formula, will inevitably be blinded by the entrepreneurial heart: product.

entrepreneurs start at the beginning, directly hold the most lofty dreams of success this is not wrong, but the success of a form to flaunt a all new products, and the end of the "free" state for the early start of the operation, how to survive


said investors, you always hope we give a formula to investment, but in fact we never established investment formula, may is the value of your products, this may take you to the team, and the team may even have no value, product value is large with the users of your product (there are many users with love).

promotion free marketing

There is a general "free marketing" is closely related to the

and product marketing, but why do some people use free marketing is not only the product reputation, sales are rising up, but some people just put the product directly, even want to try to discredit the products have no desire or nature? Products: Free use of the essence of good products to enhance the brand, also received a large number of users, the nature of poor natural products only "self defeating".

Internet community free concept

five or six years ago, very

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