Looking for your sister, the issuer approved the listing of three new board even lost 3 years but pu

"find your sister" era before the developers to share by neeq Co. the consent letter listed, this means sharing era will soon landed three new board.

"find your sister" was popular on both sides of the Changjiang River, sharing era was founded in 2011, the main mobile phone game publishing business. In addition to "looking for your sister", but also the agent issued a "cut the rope", "the star of the eradication of the stars", "Altman war monsters" and other games.

however, "find your sister" not to share the times bring high profits, sharing era in 2015 1-10 month, 2014, 2013, revenues were 23192966.05 yuan, 4183196.05 yuan, 2694911.24 yuan, net profit was -4943974.22 yuan, -3062313.79 yuan, -128118.60 yuan.

share of the end of the net assets of 22967320.07 yuan, respectively, $10764741.54, $327055.33. Although the share of the times even lost 3 years, the era of sharing has successfully pulled into the Quan Ren, Chen He, and so on, Lin, Lin and other stars of the shares of the stock market, the success of the group, such as the stock market.

June 2015 share the actual control of the era of Wang Xin holdings invested 1 million 603 thousand and 100 yuan to 9 million yuan transferred to any Zhenquan (formerly known as Quan Ren), after the transfer, Quan Ren shares accounted for 9% of the total share capital.


Chen He, Du Haitao, Lin update to assault shares, in February 15, 2016, the registered capital of the company will share the times increased from 17 million 812 thousand and 500 yuan to 20 million yuan, the issuance of 2187500 shares of common stock, par value of 1 yuan, the issue price of 2.50 yuan;

Lin update to subscribe for 200000 shares in money, the new shareholders Chen in money to subscribe for 200000 shares of new shareholders, Du Haitao in money to subscribe for 200000 shares of new shareholders star (Tianjin) enterprise management consulting center (limited partnership) to subscribe for 1587500 shares in currency; existing shareholders shares of the company are not the issuance of the subscription shares.


share listed on the new board before the era of equity structure (Tencent technology plan)

after the stake, Quan Ren as of the previous listing of three new board holdings of up to 8.02%, Chen he, Du Haitao, Lin update shares were held by 1%.

pulled into so many star shares, share Times said, plans to build a new platform to achieve the pan entertainment ecological fans, the development of mobile phone game publishers, Internet digital content development, traffic management, IP management and the pan entertainment industry investment business.

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