A passenger to Huaqiang North heaven gorgeous transformation world was shocked!

in January 14, 2017, due to subway construction closed nearly four years of Shenzhen Huaqiang North Road reopened.



vision Chinese

daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) to understand, Huaqiang North Road, 930 meters into walking street, Metro Line 7, line 1, line 2 and line 3 are connected in the negative layer of Huaqiang North, and opened a new business area of more than 4 thousand square meters.

in Huaqiang North Road was closed in a short span of four years, great changes have taken place in the world:

used to assemble PC, copycat mobile phone brand manufacturers, is the impact of businessmen to invest in all a hideous mess; abroad, set off a manufacturing cost dilemma discussion; Shenzhen residents also suddenly catch up to Beijing.

from the "one meter counter" to "shop factory", from "copycat Street" to "creating the legendary paradise", Huaqiang North Street, Chinese witnessed the development of the market economy.

has come out of more than and 50 billionaires

30 years ago, Huaqiang North Shenzhen is a common street, not even a street, just a factory Shangbu Industrial Zone Road.

according to the "Shenzhen daily", 1985, Shenzhen Electronic Industrial Corporation was established, and the SEG group predecessor, took market opportunities, planning a component matching market.

1988, Shenzhen’s first electronic professional market SEG electronic matching market opened, the area of only 900 square meters.

then, North Huaqiang Electronics Market all the way to the good. Especially in 1998, Huaqiang electronic world opened, SEG broke a dominant situation, within an area of 1.45 square kilometers gathered dozens of market, Huaqiang North become China’s largest electronic components and products trading center.

had been described, Huaqiang North sneezes, the Pearl River Delta and the country market "with cold". The Spring Festival of 2003, North Huaqiang Electronics Market holiday 7 days. The first day of the holiday, as usual, Beijing Zhongguancun electronic components and products prices rose immediately. In Shenzhen, the most concerned about the changes in the exchange rate in addition to foreign exchange traders, probably merchants Huaqiang North, according to the exchange rate adjustment.

in Huaqiang North, three foot counter, a telephone, a calculator, is to do business of belongings, behind the counter three or four crowded youth. Don’t underestimate these simple counter, perhaps hidden behind the big boss worth billions of dollars; these 20 somethings, there are college students, 35 years after the "Liantan" might not become entrepreneurs.

Chaozhou and Wenzhou, is the two major forces in North Huaqiang Electronics Market, most of them with friends and relatives relationship together. Two local people have common characteristics: "eat bitter, daring, lasting.

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