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sex is the most comprehensive and intimate contact between husband and wife. Normal sexual life, women into sexual excitement, erect, breast nipple surface hyperemia, the breast will swell. The duration of breast areola hyperemia, swell obviously, the volume can be increased by 1/4. To orgasm, swell to reach the highest point. Subsequently, breast congestion decreased, restitution. This cycle of change, and fertility, lactation, is a good regulation of the function of the breast, is conducive to promoting blood circulation within the breast.

if the female sex is too small, low sexual desire, will lack the regulation of long-term breast in the inhibitory state, periodic change does not occur hyperemia, swelling, risk of breast disease will therefore increase. Studies have shown that sexual indifference or sexual disharmony is an important predisposing factor for breast lobular hyperplasia. The survey also showed that the incidence of breast cancer, sexual dysfunction in the patient population occupies a space for one person, and the age of unmarried, widowed women become three high risk population.

in the process of sex, men are women’s breast health the best "doctor" and "helper". At this time, men just need to do one thing – massage. Proper breast chest massage can relieve tension, make breast more plump, prevent skin relaxation, delaying breast aging; the gentle movement can make a woman with excitement into the periodic change of breast swell, congestion and congestion loss. Sex, men may be below two hands hold interactive partner breast, gently lift, then from the outside to the inside to touch.

but need to remind men, sex should not be rude. The female breast is one of the sensitive area, some men too violently, too much of the female breast kneading intensity is likely to cause internal damage, the breast. In addition, there are rules of sex. Now a lot of female breast pain, breast swell, feel in small particles, and the frequency of sexual life is not normal. If the frequency of sexual activity returns to normal, these symptoms will improve significantly.

the most important thing is, if you do not intend to have children, sex should be contraception. Because of artificial abortion prone to breast cancer. In addition, pregnancy suddenly, hormone levels drop suddenly, forcing the newly developed breast suddenly stop growing, the acinar obliteration of the breast after recovery, more likely to cause breast lumps and pain induced by breast disease.

Zhao Jinpeng, assistant professor of breast surgery, general surgery, Heilongjiang Province,

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