Webmaster party exchange month webmaster where to find information

in May this year seems to stationmaster, should be rich and colorful, many webmaster large gatherings in the month have held, such as the Sanya · Baidu alliance summit, Beijing; 2009 · 2009 annual meeting, Shenzhen Internet webmaster · 2009 fair, Hefei webmaster conferences and so on, it can be said that this is May the webmaster exchange party.

as a webmaster, I think the most important thing is the sensitive source. You need to constantly update the site every day, you want to add a new correlation of the article, so that Baidu, Google can continue to update your station, the station traffic will increase, at the same time, also a lot of attention to the various owners on the Internet, whether Baidu is Google, we have to know it the change, as the saying goes, to fight! So as a webmaster we have master even messages to make our website the best, fastest and most able to attract users of eyeball.

took this month May webmaster exchange, webmaster party is the webmaster exchange of experience the best activity, and some well-known webmaster to meet, chat, talk about their own construction difficulties, listen to other webmaster experience. Although these can communicate through the forum, but after all, there is no face to face this form effect! And conferences like this, which is the webmaster or site where you can participate in or can speak on their website is not a kind of invisible promotion and publicity of


but the number and size of the sponsors are limited. Only when you start in time and get your position as early as possible can you make a big contribution to your website.

is the webmaster want to know about the party sources, every webmaster to do a lot of things, which have a little bit of time to see the Internet news station come to the party? This feature for webmasters and ideas, the webmaster can find some recommended gathering sites, so that owners can get their most desired results with the least time.

1, China Webmaster Station party gathering (http://s.chinaz.com/Webmaster/Gather/Index.html)

CHINAZ webmaster party, for webmasters prepared a lot of Party News, news content and news content is very authoritative and content. However, this plate is home page after all, the kind of party is not very comprehensive, are some large gatherings will appear on the web in the form of news, did not give the webmaster an exchange of opportunities.

2, laggards, national webmaster gathering Forum (http://s.im286.com/forumdisplay.php, fid=44)

is backward, the popularity of this forum is very high, the atmosphere of communication between stationmaster is very fervent in backward Forum

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