Adsense original article allows conventional reprint, but opposed to embezzlement

published an article yesterday at A5:

experience and reflection of a station master in the process of doing a station

reference details:

was not the title of the article, published in the A5 editing process made changes, this is understandable, because I myself is also a webmaster, editors, we adhere to the website for everyone to provide useful information, I have opposed the simple copy, paste. Such websites end up as a dead end.

yesterday wrote some do stand two years of experience, (Shandong art college entrance examination network to edit the brother of love, on the home page, which for the first time published an article in the A5 I doubt inspired great things, although often used to study here, but not published, the first is to the home page, click on just a few hours to reach more than 300, is very pleased, because of their own labor to be recognized, everyone will be happy.

what I’m trying to say is, thanks A5. Thanks to the support of my webmaster friends.

today at noon in the Baidu checked, there are fifteen six websites reproduced in this article (including the use of the original title), this is a good thing, I am very happy, but really opened a look, five is reserved for my information, set out from station network, there are six both no connection to keep me below, no write reproduced source. The other five, three is issued at the forum, I think that feeling good friends to see directly away, but please be responsible for the author please, in the article, I put the information into his, my website changed to his website, I want to ask him, my experience is your experience, you can steal it, a key word, I do stand of the heart, the user is responsible for your conscience? Stealing, not good.

also has a website, not only the above mistakes are committed, but also in the article below: "thank XXX station for my support, help me published articles, thank you.". "


, what I really want to thank is A5, a friend who supports me, not you.

, I believe many of my friends have encountered such a thing, he worked hard to write something stolen, even can not see the traces of its own, with more nausea also help yourself to say thank you a thief, I am tempted to say, by. It’s very depressing.

doing things and life, the principles of the problem, the site must also do it carefully, we support the original, but also agree with your normal reprint, but we oppose misappropriation.

this is what I have been doing in the process of doing things, and also want to give you webmaster friends, also hope that this article can still like yesterday was put home page, is widely reprinted, >

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