Let Baidu at the fastest speed included new station

how to let Baidu fast included your pride (oh, put into your proud network station)? I to express their views. First of all, your site must be ready to fully content resources! Secondly, need to prepare is to apply for several blogs, for example: Sina blog (I love), NetEase, Sohu Baidu blog, blog, blog (the good)


then, we publish an article on the blog (preferably an original one) and add a link to our website in the article. Example: QQ space code. When you’re finished, go to another blog and note (don’t just go to a blog, leave messages many times, leave it only once, and go to a few blogs). Done,


simple? After testing, so do the latest 2 hours can be included. But now Baidu revised, for new sites, even if included, it will not be released immediately. So there’s no way to check, just wait. But the morning of the second day snapshot absolute update! Everyone knows Xiao Shenyang overnight! Quote him a word "why" because of the mention of Zhao Benshan Zhao Benshan, as we all know, a great reputation! Their two partner in the Spring Festival Gala on the stage. Of course it started to burn. And we are just take a fancy to this, our station although small, although it is new station, although not famous. But there are Sohu, Sina, NetEase, and Baidu these well-known well-known sites to support it, of course, it is easy to fire. Is that right?

well, just write it. Good experiences need to be shared. Finally, to promote my little station, http://s.aoku5.cn


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