Forum, a place where failed

long ago I started to do the forum, but I didn’t start the operation of the idea so good, also encountered many problems, but in the end I gave up, probably a lot of people say I have no perseverance, I really really hard, but not enough to


started as a forum when the application is in a free space, the space needed when applying for the administrator audit can be passed, but remember it need to wait 24 hours before, so I sent a silly waiting administrator of the mail, but in the end did not seem to mail to the helpless the administrator of the QQ and he chatted up, then finally have a free space for yourself to do the first forum, after that time my heart is really very happy! He spent about more than 10 hours to this forum to succeed! Now if the site if I have no experience do. In the end, it seems that the free space has gone bankrupt, and I haven’t done it. Later, I have created several forums, but they are not well managed, I also summed up a bit of experience,

1, do a forum is what kind of program is Never mind, the key is stable and safe, the so-called plug-in, plug-in style does not matter, also no, although it will do so much in appearance, but will only let more members ask you more problems, increase their troubles.

2, the forum has its own characteristics only to develop, there is unique content to retain people.

3, in the forum to write original and active people are national treasures, the best to give them a title to stabilize them.


4, you make a decision that the decision must be a lot of people want to make decisions, if you want to let all the members are how the development of how to develop, this forum will be closed.

5, do not offend every member of their own, this is very important, although they to your forum with your permission as powerful as BOSS, but you do not know your membership is Laden or who, more than a friend Road, if one day to offend them, they will Zhibuding you get a bomb OVER.

6, managers in the forum are the first to destroy their own rules, but because the management of the destruction of the rules, then the following members will follow the destruction of

7, do not do forums, tiring and not making money, I’m now diverted to do movie sites, many friends before the forum also frequented. This confirms fifth points, more than one friend a road.

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