Last night, the west wind withered the trees, and Baidu K many stations

15 evening, 16 am. An ordinary day, neither 13, 26 of the big update date, nor the regular update date every Thursday. However, in this ordinary night. Baidu dry, so many webmaster surprised things. According to incomplete statistics, Baidu made an update last night. This update does not involve normal stations. Baidu usual snapshot is not normal, search database is paying attention to some of the sites have been updated and adjusted. According to the author before writing, found basic is the bad news. Most websites have been K some pages, my site has always been normal, last night by K nearly 3000 pages. Other web sites are basically K pages. In fact, this is not worth mentioning, it is worth noting that Baidu last night on some stations too big, the intensity of the fierce, so many from the station unprepared. Lead the way in Chinese, I love reading and other websites have been plucked out.

according to the author’s analysis, Baidu recently in the following sites to focus on attack, please webmaster attention to avoid the following:

first, change the template of the site. Before, my small station often updated templates, this is about last year, and every update, Baidu will quickly included, and re adjust. But since May this year, Baidu may be the new intelligent systems enabled, as long as you change the template, feel shy, the snapshot is not moved, at least half a month, a month or more to recover; the author has multi station test proves that Baidu system sensitive;

second, a space unstable site. Friends, a web site is often unstable, the server changed the room a few days ago. The station was suspended for one night. Unfortunately, that night, Baidu blocked all the pages of the station. The number of site: Baidu included was 0. The second day, the site returned to normal access, Baidu also quickly restore the page, but the page numbers have been decimated, tens of thousands of K. Another friend website (leading Chinese) is also the case, last night, an update Baidu, unfortunately has been plucked out.

third, add links and sell links on a large scale. Now, Baidu can quickly feel the link to the site, once found abnormal, immediately into the observation phase. Into the observation phase of abnormal performance is the home page snapshot is not updated, the home ranking decline. Such Baidu big update or Baidu recognized your site before you can recover.

fourth, site update frequency. The main point I want to express today is that Baidu’s tentacles are becoming more sensitive. Baidu is becoming more and more intelligent. Baidu is dedicated and professional in this field. Maybe he knows better than our webmaster, and better at websites. That is, Baidu’s programs (spiders and handlers) will be smarter than we are. What kind of station is a garbage dump, and Baidu is capable of using procedures to judge. So, when you update, you should pay attention to it. You should try to distribute it as much as possible. If you add an article every ten minutes, of course, you can use the program to process it. You think, if the Baidu spider comes to you ten times a day, nine times empty handed, only one time to overeat

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