How do earn money on the website of the novel

heard that his cousin made a small fortune on his novel website and began to not believe it. When the festival was over this year, everyone gathered, and the first thing was to cross examine his cousin’s website. As a result, as expected, over the past two years, the junior high school culture of the small cousin by several students training each other, they have to come up with a novel website – King Wang bookstore. Some students rely on diligent management, to send the chain, actually in half the time, traffic reached tens of thousands, which makes me the students are jealous. Through a few days of Spring Festival raids, close study, I decided to have a novel website myself, clone my cousin’s success model.

after a month’s intense work, my own novel website was finally established, and then came the maintenance and promotion work day after day. Although these work is not what problem for me, but the simple labor repetition is the most boring thing, so I insist on half a month, I finally have the feeling of fatigue, the nest in the computer room all day, in addition to books to update the site in the latest chapters, I want to see the novel statistical average of 2 a 51. Even in each forum link, I will look at the statistics, naive all previous efforts can be immediate, but it is certainly not as everyone knows, statistics and my efforts to pay proportional to January to have the feeling of despair.

fortunately, there is nothing else to do during this time, and with the constant encouragement of my cousin, I have persisted for a month. Although originally scheduled, 20 links per day did not complete the task. Do a good month, Baidu finally to face included my website, when cousin told me the news, I don’t know how happy, Baidu timely included, prompted me to have a month of effort power.


, the story developed as expected. Oh, slowly, included on Baidu up, ranking one day before, because of my efforts, registered members of the site is also a strength to rise, at the age of third months, my site traffic through 3000IP/, then coupled with other website (of course, including the little cousin’s website) link support, in the first half of the time, my novel website has exceeded tens of thousands of daily traffic. Depending on the advertising revenue from the flow, I still have a small amount of money to keep my spending. The economic well-being is my attitude more relaxed, and I really appreciate the fun of doing it.


in this period of time, for various reasons, my site also occurred by K lead to loss of advertising things, but I have strengthened my determination to continue to operate the novel website, my experience is not what novel website tips, simple labor persevere is the secret of success, as long as you and me. Stick to it, you will succeed one day.

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