Network promotion of Baidu encyclopedia promotion experience

needless to say, do Baidu promotion of Baidu know, given the weight quite high for their products Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu encyclopedia long ago that the promotion is a good promotion methods, but has not been attempted. Recently, in a decoration company to do network promotion, contact with the encyclopedia promotion, some of the following experience to share with you, and hope that we can give you a lot of advice!


1, have to understand the encyclopedia, encyclopedia is to create the entry of the place, is the word.

2, according to their website content, write some related words, hot words or good, long tail keywords also line, as long as the encyclopedia can be created in the entry, you can create. The words you want to do can be words related to your industry. The scope is great. For example, my company is doing the decoration design, I can do the decoration materials words,

!To edit entries after

3, select a word, entry level directory and two directory, this is the primary school with the headings and sub headings are the same, the right side of the editor and a translation template, thought in primary school outline, then you can set his editor, of course you can own the editor, never to see others have made entries, see people did! And then according to their own understanding of

editing entries!

4, the content of written, but the promotion did not achieve the purpose, the link, in the edit entries in the editor is not allowed to have links, sometimes strict, some QQ or phone number and the like are not there, after editing, we can add some reference to expand the information below. Of course you must expand the information and create entry related content, or certainly audit but these data add, your site will add


5, there are a lot of entries when you pass, for example, hehe, don’t laugh at me, ah, I have edited my name, writing for a long time, the encyclopedia administrator replies are: no meaning, can be read relatively poor. Later, I edited again, and the result is still the same. What’s the reason? Think for yourself. Ha ha, I won’t lose face!


sometimes your entry content can not fully explain the word, it will audit, but you also add random reference in the reference material, the connection will not be too!


6, audit, but can not give up, check the reasons, and then edit, and then submitted, until he was audited, you know, the encyclopedia administrator is also a person, he also has trouble time, right?


7, Wikipedia promotion pretty good, you are worth taking the time to try,


finally want to say, it is a good promotion methods, if you do not try, never know how much he powerful, as they say BBS promotion sometimes get tens of thousands of IP, an extension can also do not believe you try


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