What patterns of growth do Uber and Facebook use to achieve growth

tiger sniffing note: if you want to make your product grow exponentially in the short term, you may need to set up a development team to help you achieve that goal. Well, how do you choose the best development model for your team? The author, through interviews with 20 development executives from different companies, introduces two different development models. This article comes from Medium, the original title entitled "How Do You Choose the Best Growth Team Model", tiger sniffing translation.

we interviewed 20 executives from the fastest growing companies, such as Pinterest and FanDuel (a fantasy sports game) executive, to answer this important question.

after more than 30 hours of interviews, we found one thing: the team chose the right model of development, not only to unlock the profit mark, but also to strengthen the corporate culture.

in our interview, the Communist Party of China covered two more popular team development models.

is an independent Model (Independent); the other is Functional Model. If you want to set up your development team, the two models are a good starting position, "when the game starts, according to the layout of the right to play" (Zack Onisko, chief development officer Creative Market creative website). Each model requires a more in-depth understanding of its own team development model (Mike, Duboe, Tilt development officer), and then make full efforts to unlock profitability issues.

standalone mode


, Uber, and Facebook use standalone mode. There are two main versions of this model, as follows:



, in these two editions, was led by a vice president of development. For example, Ed Baker is vice president of development for Uber, reporting directly to CEO Travis Kalanick. The development team led by Ed consists of more than 100 people, together with the expert product, market, engineering, design, data management, joint research to the supply and demand sides (refer to the service provider and service demand side driver passenger) user number growth method.

and according to the information provided by the participants, Uber is using this model to improve the production and iteration speed of team products and build a strong team DNA. Uber pays great attention to speed and iteration, and their development team has built a robust feedback mechanism to reflect the feedback on Uber’s products.


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