The website how to stick to the customer

website viscosity is directly related to the development and webmaster website income, how to produce higher user appeal is every webmaster every day thinking about the problem, here is my opinion in the website of viscosity increase.


website to play a decisive role, everyone is holding a certain purpose to browse the web, I hope in the shortest time to get what they want, so users of professional requirements is relatively high. this is my site, located in Beijing construction site, mainly to provide website construction service portfolio, information website color is a very important position in the market, as a professional website, the user is respected and forget the website,.

Every little information

to pay attention to your web page, don’t let the wrong don’t think to affect the meaning of your page, you must carefully find all the wrong web page, a strict, professional, trustworthy, fun, helpful and fruitful resources advanced technology, the website is the need for information to your visitors to form a clear framework.

clear goal determines the future of a website, a website has always had a goal, so in the construction site when you want to clear what is the goal of the website! The only way you can according to their own website to develop the direction of development of the website, which points out the direction of development of the later website. There are websites only one goal, don’t try to give your users a lot of things, maybe they are not what to do, if you want to give him a lot of choice, should first focus on a point, then they should make different requirements of grade two or more pages, then guide them to connect in the appropriate place. Basically, you need to refine your marketing information. It is better to select an important topic, so that other relevant information is deployed around it.

fully reflects the advantages of the website and defines the goal of the website. The advantage is that the user can select your important condition.


website design to fit each access to your web site is not to play the maze, so please make your web design simple, also use less JS program, frame diagram, image plug-ins and dazzling dazzling also takes a long time to download, it will let you open the web page slow down, on a telephone company dumping showed that most people would consider waiting or waiting in line for 30 seconds. If they have to wait more than 30 seconds to completely download your web page, people who browse will leave. If they have to wait, they will give up. In addition to the download time, you should also note that the time to attract visitors is short. So you have to filter the information you really want. Don’t overload information, or worry that they’ve missed your central thinking. Even if your site is entertaining and they don’t intervene, you’re still not making a profit.

do everything

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