To be a successful Taobao, you need to master these secrets first

light is thin and beautiful in the picture, it’s not enough. Remember, this is a business after all.


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said " red", a lot of people eyes will emerge a few such as "energy-saving", "vcruan", "Sydney" skin white beauty, bag body, legs, eyes always shape the perfect stylish girl. They invariably set all sorts of advantages can make most of the girls envy, and even earn a good money, according to the "Skinner paste" argument, each of them depends on the clothing Taobao shop, already became a millionaire, even if that is worth tens of millions of conservative.

, but the net red people’s history is really a "one beauty all have" story, looks beautiful, or at least in photos, China and the United States, can only be said to be the foundation of the net red.

Taobao on the "beauty", of course, refers to the high value of Yan, a good figure. But what’s more important is what to wear and how to wear it. "In fact, you can think of the net red as a KOL (opinion leader), what they are doing is the aesthetic output, and share their own style of clothing to everyone. Therefore, a successful net red must have its own taste and distinctive style of wear." An assistant at a network of millions of fans said in an interview with the interface.

, in this pile of names, there’s always one dress that made you imitate

around 2004, turned out to be the first generation of net red "choke small chili" sisters, that is, by sharing their own "sweet" wind, mix a little European and American fans daily wear pictures popular. About this dress collocation share at the time is still very rare, but once popular in the streets in a leather chiffon dress to wear this pair of sisters is famous for.

grew up in the late generation of net red, including the still very active vcruan, Xiao Yi, and took a more everyday, more realistic style. A trench coat with a design sense, a solid colored T-shirt and a pair of Leggings are their star models.

now just red big games and Sydney, style more and more segments, regardless of the student fan or big ladies wind, basically foreign street style similar appearance rate high single product can find in their store.

When the

in the shop or social platform to see a photo, dress up red net appear in the high-end shopping malls, tropical island or restaurants, many people see will begin to hold a fan of mentality, and thus produce a kind of "good life" longing. And when the net men opened the shop selling clothes, the yearning found a release – – on the net red clothes.

"this emotional connection is very strong," said a Taobao woman who had three years experience in online shop

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