Talking about the deployment and promotion of the download type website

today through the keyword "online Zhangjiajie", see "Zhangjiajie online" game promotion Baidu included the situation, found the "Zhangjiajie online web" Download Interface of a large software download platform. After checking the promotion records and asking the promotion team, we did not find that our promotion team had similar software downloads, website deployment and promotion. After downloading the so-called "Zhangjiajie online web" code on the website, it turned out that it was only a HTML file of the home page. After analysis, I found that the software site in the game class keyword, a large number of websites published on some of the game’s official website, web version of the code download. Through reference to the previous level, we found a lot of the same example, but because it is released the first page of the HTML code, but also to our website to play the role of promotion, no further tracking.


through this example, the author would like to share with you in the software contribution, leaving some of the views of the chain. First of all, we can see from the above picture, "producer: Official Website" and so on. The official website is an outside anchor, which is connected to the official website of Zhangjiajie online. In this way, "Zhangjiajie online" can be more than one out of the chain, then if we draw inferences, we will be part of the site’s code on the relevant software or code download site for others to learn. Also, add your web site to a module like "producer" or "show" so that you can promote the site. Of course, our website code needs some changes. You can choose the following ways:

1, release old version

we can choose some older version of the code to publish online, of course, we say that the code release is open source release. If your website code doesn’t want to be known by other people, please choose carefully.

2, release part of the code

selectively releases part of the functional code, which is based on your own choice. The author suggests that you need to run your home page at least after the code is installed so that you can further advertise your site.

3, publish encryption code

can choose some code encryption, or all encryption methods, this is mainly to show the role of the user.

4, publish copy code

make simple copies of your website’s code and put it on the download site. Not only can increase the chain, but also can improve the popularity of the site.

5, join the ad link

of course, you’d better add a link to the code in your share so that you can choose your network further

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