The 809 generation soft Wen supreme realm exclusive analysis

, the highest realm: and not dew, the enemy in the invisible, silent, pursue the salutary influence of education communication effect, is the most powerful marketing tool.

that how can achieve this kind of realm? Today to webmaster net actual soft text data to resolve, how to effectively use soft Wen to promote. This article copyright Malone dragon all, Adsense nets starting, such as reprint, do not modify the original, and indicate the source". (Note: the recent N bad friends reprinted 809 generations of articles, and modify their contact, not only contrary to network morality, do not respect the original, there is suspicion of fraud.


not much gossip, immediately begin, patiently read, I believe will not let you down.

, get the actual data out first,



this is the actual data picture, click volume I wrote the text is not a fake, a total of 14 articles written, to others to write 3 articles, I today take these 11 pieces of data exchange, can not believe to stationmaster net to look at my space. Through the "webmaster nets" other articles click, observe, analysis, to soft text level under such a standard:

hits: level 0 – 500: failed 500 – 1000: good 1000 – 1500: excellent 1500 – 2000: very good 2000 above: super good

above for personal opinion, only on behalf of personal opinions, in fact, interested friends can through other articles of quality and click to observe. Specific analysis of this data, taking into account the length of the article here, the inconvenience of speaking, interested friends can go to my Youku Video (members: 809 generations) to see the commentary.

webmaster network is a good promotion platform, because many other websites from here reprinted articles, so friends what good things to bring here is a good choice. Secondly, the country can make some good webmaster friends here, when they come here through the article to find some high gold content of the webmaster friends is also a joy.

Adsense network promotion of several skills:

1, the content must be original, must write useful things over the editor of this, to the quality to win the web page recommendation, of course, copy of the article can also, if the editor didn’t find it, but don’t take the "809 generation" article with your own name, and then sent to the station network, which is the most stupid, the "webmaster friends for you" my network business issued in September 1st, September 9th was another member of the webmaster nets in his name made up wholly intact, who will not say, now I save it at that time ", but also to be approved, thanks to the good friends to inform me, tell the editor deleted immediately.

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