The future of BBS (1) pinpoint the orientation, vertical and localization is the direction

, 2012, is not a glamorous year for BBS, now known as the "living fossil". CNNIC released the "twenty-ninth China Internet development report" shows that in 2012 the community / forum users is 144 million 690 thousand, the growth rate is negative 2.3%, Internet products become the birth of negative growth for the first time in more than 10 years. And Sina, micro-blog single platform registered users have more than 400 million., Tianya, and other old BBS although also in operation but has everything in good order and well arranged, obviously is no longer the first focus of attention of the media and Internet users. Micro-blog, WeChat and other new social media, not only the Internet to subvert the traditional way of information dissemination, but also changed the habits of Internet users, the new concept of new opportunities that come with the mobile Internet is the impact of the traditional BBS market. Problems such as user churn, uncertain profit models and unclear positioning are plaguing the future development of BBS.

experienced Web1.0, 2 times, more than ten years of BBS, experienced wind and rain, is indeed old. But he also said BBS is dead. The emergence of micro-blog, WeChat, indeed eating a part of the community forum users, reducing the stickiness of community forum users. But emerging social media, after all, is a new thing that is going along with the mobile Internet. It is expanding rapidly, but it is still immature. The problem is no less than that of the traditional BBS. Although the number of registered users presents a "bomb" type of explosive growth, but there are also user stickiness decreased, fresh decline, profit model is unclear. To Sina, micro-blog, for example, although the amount of registered users is huge, but the real daily hair micro-blog, look at the proportion of active users of micro-blog is very low. The commercialization process has been variable, although the self marketing platform against micro-blog and Taobao, large marketing, Jingdong and other business cooperation and other ways to accelerate the commercialization, but the effect is difficult to assess, the future profit model and commercial value are still unable to accurately predict. And WeChat, but also because of charges, rumors, marketing values have been enlarged and other reasons, has been widely optimistic about the situation, there is still a long way to go.

BBS is a form of Internet Chinese as the earliest and most important, have a really old and clumsy? The vicissitudes of the appearance have a hull determination, if dare to try, dare to change, innovation, that is just the key to the future of life and death.

vertical and localization community forums should clearly locate

not long ago, the tiger sniffing network has published an article must lower the figure, with a local community attitude in the face of the future. A detailed analysis of the problems faced by the current development of the old community xicihutong. Xicihutong was founded in 1998, this year is the 15th anniversary anniversary As a real "living fossil" website, the current development is not satisfactory. Compared to neighboring Zhejiang Hangzhou 19 floor to reach billion yuan turnover. The same is relying on Nanjing area, radiation surrounding the city of Jiangsu regional

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