Readme foolhardy and will not bring spring to their website

as long as the information site, around a lot of friends say not to do this type of website, the profit is not clear, the update is difficult, looking for shortcuts are likely to be K, the only honest sub content is updated regularly, but in the end is not some people see. In fact, this is the information ridicule site, which also revealed a widespread problem that we did, it is hard to update the content behind is more, what is the marketing of a problem, or our own content quality is not high? I think the problem should be out in the us the body, property itself information site is very special, rely solely on the content to bind the user, once the content matching problem, so traffic loss became behoove things, therefore, we can not blindly rely on the website when brute force to improve traffic, gimmicks to attract people, but should with more skills, improve the content to reduce the rate of jump out of their.

circumvent the content of the industry wars hot spots, give yourself some features.

I am currently operating health network, mainly to provide some health messages, the content involves the aspects of broad, beauty, skin care, health, weight, gender, for 2 years now, the weight is 4, the average daily IP is pretty good, but with the more well-known XX health network comparison there is a gap, after all the other company operations, and myself is pure grassroots. In fact, this time, we should be sensible to the hands of their own resources to the local distribution of more detailed classification, such as large health network, more detailed, more rich content, and we should be in the business and they do not overlap, for example I will put on the user’s own submission, video teaching on the site. To allow more users to achieve their own website content differences, and in their own position, I always encourage users to participate in the quiz, based on the health knowledge, rather than simply presenting information. Most of this information gathering process comes from user contributions. In short, a user question and answer question about the health field not only improves access to the site, but also consolidates the traffic.

makes good use of customer service tools on the site to collect first-hand data.

users care about what we should write what, this is absolutely necessary to do site operations ideas. But some webmaster has questions, then how should I know what the user wants to see? Is it through the message board or mailbox feedback? In fact, the simplest tool is the customer service tool in the website. The visitor is the best barometer of content information station provided, they are reading, filtering also information, through their response, we can know the shortcomings of the website development and potential, a lot of the time I will put user care ideas down, and then to find the appropriate content, such as some time ago we for food safety and drug safety (may be more interested in drug regulation problem, I) in the article specially set up two columns about the effect.

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