Henan heavy rain continued to start the province’s flood emergency response

a period of time before a lot of heavy rainfall in the region, resulting in a lot of serious waterlogging in the region, causing serious damage to the local property and people’s lives. This time, according to the meteorological department forecast, Henan heavy rain continues to madness, the province launched a flood emergency response level III. The northern part of Henan Province, central, Western and southwestern heavy heavy rain, heavy rain in some areas.

rainstorm center is located in Linzhou, Anyang, Huixian, Xixia. The maximum point rainfall of Linzhou Donggang rainfall station, up to 607 mm, 300~400 mm of rainfall in the province a total of 17 sites in Anyang City, the highest average rainfall of 112 mm.

affected by heavy rainfall, Linzhou, Huixian, part of the mountain river water soared, rising water level of the reservoir. Anyang Xiaonanhai reservoir and Zhangwu reservoir, Shuangquan reservoir and Xinxiang City Baoquan reservoir flood control level and in accordance with the implementation of flood scheduling scheme.

by the upper reaches of Zhangwu, and in Shuangquan reservoir flood discharge effect, Anyang river flow increase. According to Cui flood use plan, Anyang river flow of 300 cubic meters per second, Cui flood in Ma Chai village to the east east Cao area of natural flood, flood detention.

Cui flood design flood water level of 65.75 meters, 61 million cubic meters of flood detention. According to the statistics of the 2016 flood season, flood detention involving Anyang County 65 administrative villages, 3 villages and towns, the existing 17818 households, a population of 82 thousand and 100 people, 73 thousand and 600 acres of arable land. The use of the need to transfer 42 thousand people.

reporter learned that 19 night, Cui flood has been enabled, the masses in the orderly transfer.

according to the current flood and rain, provincial Civil Air Defense Office decided from July 19th 18 launch of the province’s flood control level III emergency response (flood control and emergency response can be divided into four grades, the highest grade). Flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters departments at all levels in accordance with their respective responsibilities, to fully implement the responsibility of chief executive officers, take effective measures to do a good job in flood storage and application of mass transfer, the reservoir flood safety River flood control and flood disaster prevention work, ensure the safety of people’s lives, to minimize disaster losses. National headquarters, provincial flood control and drought relief command part sent a work team to guide Anyang city flood prevention work.

As of

19, 18, the provincial office has not yet received reports of casualties and disaster, the province’s other major flood control channel smooth water potential, the large and medium-sized reservoir normal operation, no danger. Anyang launched a flood emergency response level, the work is being carried out in an orderly manner.

although the face of natural disasters, human beings are extremely vulnerable, but a lot of local people’s soldiers, to play their own advantages. In order to protect their homes

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