Nine issues depth understanding of your breast health net

woman, for your breast, the most important part of the body, you really understand it? With age, we need more care and care needs of breast, breast like baby care, in order to make it healthy. The following nine questions, so that female friends to understand their breasts.

Q1, please judge, which of the following behavior will not cause harm to the breast?

A, wearing tight lace bra B, when not wearing a bra with a bra to sleep, C D, often with soap to wash the nipple.

correct answer B


sports bra may have pain, but actually does not affect breast health, will not lead to breast ptosis, except too much exercise. But the lace bra too tight will affect the normal circulation of breast lymph; often wash the nipple soap is easy to damage the protective layer on the surface of the skin, breast alkalization local skin, promote bacterial proliferation, is not conducive to breast health; and with a bra to sleep will greatly increase the probability of breast cancer disease.

Q2, women take which of the following drugs, not only will not increase the incidence of breast disease, but can play a protective role on the breast?

A, contraceptive B, hormone supplement C, analgesic

correct answer C

survey found that: daily life of women taking regular painkillers, breast cancer incidence will be greatly reduced. For example, women who regularly take aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in 5 years, the incidence of breast cancer decreased by 21%.

and taking painkillers ibuprofen effect is more obvious, if taken more than 10 years, the incidence of breast cancer will be reduced by 50%. The standard dose of taking painkillers is 325 milligrams per day, or at least 200 milligrams per day, with a dose of at least three times a week.

Q3, diet to a large extent affect the health of the breast, then you think, breast may not like what kind of food?

A, green tea B, kelp C, corn D, sweet

correct answer D

sugar and fried foods are high in calories, will accelerate the formation of estrogen in the body, so that the proliferation of breast cancer is more serious, and even induce breast cancer, so they are known as the breast of the least favorite food. The kelp, beans, corn, low-fat milk products, high fiber, low calorie, soft shelled turtle, loach, Vegetable & Fruit, yellow croaker, oysters, sea cucumber, is considered the most popular breast health food.

Q4, if you want to breast self-examination or go to the hospital to do breast professional examination, then, do you know what time is the most appropriate?

A, at the same time every month for breast self-examination is very important

B, the most suitable time to check the breast, menstrual cramps after seventh;

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