Suining home business plan to return to the initial results of three people

entrepreneurship is not only in the big cities have the opportunity of development, with the development of urban and rural economic integration, the rural areas have access to many opportunities. Ministry of human resources and social organizations have been in the implementation of key groups of entrepreneurial services, now choose to return home business, you can enjoy more entrepreneurial related help.

11 16, reporters from Suining city and Social Council learned in the multiple positive factors and supportive policies to promote, strengthen the "Suining goose economy" development. Over the past three years, the city of Suining cited a total of ten thousand people returning home, driving nearly forty thousand people to work, the economic output value of 2 billion 989 million yuan.

in Zao Jue Wu Cun Ju Xian town, Anju District, the name Zhang Tianlun is known to every family. In 2010, Zhang Tianlun returned to the identity from the North drift of entrepreneurs and land dealing with "farmers", thousands of acres of land circulation in Juxian Town, Anju District, Ishi Sato, Sam Jue soap Baozhusi three villages to create grape culture industrial park. In his drive, near 150 farmers also planted a thousand acres of vineyards. Now, a set of grape picking, tourism, entertainment, dining and leisure health development of eco tourism resort, in the home country has begun to take shape.

to attract migrant workers and entrepreneurs and students choose home business, should increase the infrastructure construction of the homeland, optimize business support system. To adhere to the combination of Pratt & Whitney and supportive policies to guide the integration of the development of the 123 industries, to guide the return of entrepreneurship and innovation to achieve successful docking, to keep pace with China’s overall development.

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