Do a good deal of addition and subtraction to do business

sounds as though it seems incredible. Addition and subtraction seems to be an important part of the students’ learning process. However, in the course of our actual business operations, in fact, also need to pay attention to this point. Although the law of addition and subtraction is the basic rule of mathematics, but in business, the answer is not just a number so simple. That day, on the way home from work, I deeply realized this point.

, "just a pot of sugar!" In front of a dried fruit shop in front of the street, a young man was selling with enthusiasm. The shop is clean and tidy, but not many customers. Steaming hot chestnuts are very attractive, I could not help but stepped forward and said: "boss, trouble, said 10 dollars chestnuts, thank you!" "Okay!" The young man greeted.

a scoop of delicious chestnut into the paper bag, electronic scale on the scale of 10.69 yuan. I’m going to pay when I saw the young man eye, quickly took out the two big chestnut from the bag, the digital electronic scale at precisely becomes 10 yuan. The boy seemed to own accurate hold very satisfied, smiled and nodded, and then handed me a paper bag.

I pay to leave, although know the boy’s words and deeds is not wrong, but the heart is a bit uncomfortable, my mind from time to time he came out from the paper bag to take the picture of chestnut, suddenly there is a kind of faint sense of loss. The original warm and fragrant chestnuts, not so delicious.

is depressed to walk, I suddenly saw a woman pushing a wheelbarrow, also selling sugar fried chestnut. There is no eye-catching signs, there is no enthusiasm for the sale of sound, but the popularity is very high, lined up nearly ten people.

curious, I also came up with the team. "Aunt, please help me to say 10 dollars chestnut, thank you!" The second time to buy chestnuts, I have not in front of the store to buy chestnuts when the urgent mood.

aunt smiled and nodded: "you wait a little girl, I’ll give you this." Then she scooped up some hot chestnuts and put them in a paper bag. The amount on the electronic scale was 9.62 yuan. Aunt looked at, and shovel some put in, the amount of the final freeze in 10.60 yuan.

, come on, girl, this is your chestnut, 10 dollars." Aunt sealed the paper bag and handed it to me.

"aunt, you gave me the chestnut, do not suffer ah!" I kind of embarrassed to say to her.

"girl, you can rest assured! As long as the difference is not too much, put things in which there is no longer out of the truth! It doesn’t matter, and I don’t lose money. I sell chestnuts for so long, has been used to add a little more to the customer, not to let the customer suffer. They ate my chestnuts, my heart

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