Rural entrepreneurship to open a distinctive flavor of a major business areas

now people pay more and more attention to health and health at the same time, the whole society health and the health of the industry has become more and more popular, business is more and more popular, in fact, in the rural areas, health and health industry is a big market.

coarse grain processing shop

if can make colorful, unique shape of the sunflower, pumpkin, tomatoes, peppers and other vegetables to create new styles planted into pots, open a potted vegetables and specialty retail stores, will certainly attract public attention. Because potted vegetables can not only eat, but also to allow people to watch, but also for new gifts to send people, the market wide.

agricultural taste fruit shop

to open a farm become an independent school flavor shop, have their own characteristics, be able to win more lucrative talent shows itself, the profit space.

Agricultural taste shop


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