Mountain car ten brands list

is a hobby, or for the sake of health to do sports, in short, mountain bike in the current market began to be more and more people’s favorite, the market is the birth of numerous brands. So, if you want to buy mountain bike products, you can choose what kind of brand? May wish to learn a lot of small cars to introduce you to the mountain car ten brands list!

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Chinese economy, people have enough to live comfortably is plagued by health problems of their own. Due to high fat, high calorie, high sugar, high cholesterol intake and long-term lack of reasonable fitness and irregular lifestyle, has brought a lot of negative health risks. Sub health, obesity, stroke, high blood lipids, high blood pressure, gout, diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases unknowingly came to the door, and always threatened people’s health and life.

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of these diseases from a few decades ago, the rarity, and now gradually become a common disease, wealth, disease. These diseases and health problems always haunt people every day, "life lies in the movement," the truth has been verified and interpretation. Today, the importance of health has been self-evident, become the biggest concern of the people, "bicycle" as a green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, healthy pronoun has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Mountain biking is rising all over the world, and increasingly hot, because more people are beginning to understand that a good bike can bring, it is everyone’s desire to have the happy, healthy body.

mountain bike, also known as a bicycle or bicycle, is a small two wheeled vehicle on land. Riding a mountain bike? Mountain biking is a kind of endurance aerobic exercise which can improve people’s heart and lung function. Mountain biking can lose weight and health, improve the physique, improve immunity, longevity has been recognized around the world.

mountain bike ten brand list NO.1:Nicolai (Nicola)

Nicolai (Nicola), the world’s aluminum alloy after the shock of the mountain bike frame king, has been committed to the manufacture of the most top handmade aluminum mountain bike. CNC machine processing technology may be the peak of the mountain bike industry, painting bold gorgeous coloring, made no secret of his domineering. Ultra high strength and excellent performance has always been proud of the Nicolai frame core.

mountain bike ten brand list NO.2:Marmot groundhog

MARMOT name Chinese marmot, commonly known as the marmot. The United States by the United States and other high-end mountain car brand CANNONDALE former president and co-founder of the mountain bike industry Ferrari. MARMOT mountain bike company is one of the world’s top mountain bike manufacturers

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