Henan will build 50 rural labor training base

many provinces in central and Western China export many migrant workers to work in other places. The past two years, the economy has gradually developed a good foundation, began calling for more migrant workers to return home to start a business, building a home.



to 2020 to build 50 rural labor force training base


which community sector annual completion of the transfer of rural labor employment skills training, job skills upgrading training 600 thousand people 300 thousand people, entrepreneurship training 100 thousand people; the Department of education for rural labor force to carry out short-term occupation skill training, training 370 thousand people each year; the Department of agriculture every year to cultivate new farmers 50 thousand occupation; poverty alleviation departments in the implementation of the rain plan training, training 150 thousand people each year; the civil affairs department annual training of retired soldiers 30 thousand; annual training department recommended the disabled CDPF

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