n order to love and entrepreneurship to give up the choice of home left campus

many people will face such a problem: when the love encounter career, how to grasp, how to choose? In order to celebrate the new year with his boyfriend, "for their own business"…… Wuhan opened a college freshman sophomore school application form, the reporter found that the cause of love and entrepreneurship in school students to fill in the top.

"80" "90" and left behind the reason, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of sociology Feng Guilin said, "after 80" more rational, they work to earn tuition is to solve practical problems, one is to give life to do better planning. But the practice and choice is also an objective and reasonable. The pursuit of love can give up to go home for the new year, from another level is also to enhance the emotional value of entrepreneurship is a useful attempt.

said youth is a beautiful love, in the face of this Valentine’s day and the Spring Festival "crash" this embarrassment, many "after 90" in order to better love, in order to have a romantic spring festival, chose to give up and go home to stay on campus.

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