Sichuan start to build the Sichuan business to return home investment fund

home business activities now in many parts of the country are carried out like a raging fire, at the same time, local governments have also provided a very good policy and financial help in the home business activities, Sichuan started to build Sichuan Industrial investment fund return sparked concern of the whole society.

many Sichuan that, through in the form of funds to support their home business, practical.

"loans to 15% to 20% of the cost of financing, the risk is too big, not suitable for the food industry." 45 year old Yang Bin is a southern county of Nanchong, Shanghai in the hard work of the past 22 years, after a period of 9 years of research and development, can be produced without any added convenience food, is now available for airlines. Yang Bin said that his project is mature, technology and the market are no problem. Have to find the home of quality inspection, it is suitable for convenience foods, but lack of funds, the expansion pace is slow. I have the confidence to get the favor of the fund, ready to return home to build production lines."

29 year old Wang Hongwei in Sichuan Province, the media all over the media to return home interactive platform message – I have been working in Yunnan, now has its own professional team, want to return home entrepreneurship! Venture capital fund!" Wang Hongwei ready to come back to open a chain of mobile phone repair company, has planned 3 stores, requires $500 thousand funding. We are not large, enjoy a variety of policy threshold, the fund for us more ‘thirst quenching’."

in Bazhong Wang Xiaoping view, the establishment of the fund is more important behind the signal transmission. Wang Xiaoping engaged in pharmaceutical processing in Beijing, 5 years ago to do the pharmaceutical factory in Sichuan Province, but the investment environment is not ideal, but also the factory moved to Liaoning, Tieling. I heard that the establishment of venture capital fund in Sichuan, Wang Xiaoping said, there is this signal, whether or not to receive fund support, I have to go back and try again."

"to set up a fund, is the key to the foot throttle detonation." Sichuan Beijing chamber of Commerce, the Secretary General Gu Hao believes that the Beijing chamber of Commerce Rio 80% are small and medium enterprises, the economic downturn in the case of large pressure on the financing needs of the special big. If there is a call for investment funds, on the one hand you can gather the funds of Sichuan merchants, on the other hand to support the return of Sichuan business venture. Recommended

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