What porridge can recuperate endocrinopathy three porridge to help you conditioning health netwo

we have to admit that now the pressure of life and various bad habits can easily cause endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders after the body will appear a lot of discomfort, want to improve the endocrine disorders in addition to pay attention to the daily living habits should also working on your diet, and for endocrine regulation for health porridge is the most appropriate, then what porridge can recuperate endocrinopathy?


, barley porridge

need to prepare the materials is barley, Chinese wolfberry, walnuts, sweet almond, green beans and rice, we need to put the walnuts and almonds wrapped with gauze, put juice fried water in the pot, and then other materials all put in congee can. This porridge can help us to reduce blood pressure, but also can adjust the body function, improve endocrine disorders.

2, spinach porridge

prepared rice, spinach and various seasonings, put spinach to clean, then put boiled in boiling water, then the rice poured into the pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil, cook until rice almost when put spinach inside, then put the porridge cooked, plus a variety of spices can the.


peach pig’s trotters porridge

first prepare some peach dry goods, but also by the fine salt, rice, pig’s trotters, soy sauce, ginger, we must first put the peach stem and then baking, grinding into powder, then put the rice washing clean standby. The pig’s trotters after the wash into the pot boiled, picked out the bones, then put rice and peach at the end are put to cook, then add seasoning on the line.

What can

porridge endocrinopathy? We can see details of the endocrine conditioning of several as above we can porridge, simple look. Endocrine disorders for the harm of the body is very large, must be timely conditioning, so we usually can choose according to their own tastes to drink these porridge.

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