Venture China Dalian action concern

innovation and entrepreneurial culture has spread to the whole country, more and more people realize the connotation of innovation and entrepreneurship, people involved in it is more and more. Recently, venture China · Dalian action officially started, let us focus on it!

3 27, "venture China · Dalian action" starts in Dalian hi tech zone. Venture Dalian · high tech Zone demonstration leading project officially incorporated into the national entrepreneurial China demonstration project, which is the Ministry of science and Technology Torch Center in Northeast China launched the first venture demonstration project.

"China entrepreneurial action" is an important measure to implement public entrepreneurship, innovation, to innovation and entrepreneurship through the implementation of demonstration projects, optimize the environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, foster innovation and entrepreneurship, promote innovation culture, integration of global innovation elements, to create a new entrepreneurial ecology, public entrepreneurship, innovation will call into the whole society the positive response and action, a new impetus for economic development under the new normal China. The event has been in Beijing, Shanghai and other 8 provinces, municipalities and national high-tech zones have been carried out.

2015, hi tech Zone Zhongchuang space service agencies have increased from 4 to 28, start-ups get all kinds of investment of 61 million 480 thousand yuan; science and technology Small and micro businesses added 706 households, an increase of 37.62%; 11 public record space through the torch center audit record, accounting for 65% of Dalian city.



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