To wear underwear often self daily female breast maintenance attention to three points ‘s

1, tight underwear affects blood circulation and it is important to choose the right size

many women wear underwear or small underwear, is to create a charming cleavage, some is directly directed to promote breast growth of advertising ", and to shape the perfect figure, but from a medical point of view, this approach may not be able to achieve the desired effect, on the contrary, potentially resulting in breast atrophy breast hyperplasia, risk of several diseases.

tight underwear are too tight around the phenomenon of chest, will affect the lower part of the breast blood circulation and supply, causing breast ischemia, spasm, compression of the lymph in the breast, breast hyperplasia is easy cause. If you are in the development of young girls dressed in this way, it is likely to affect the development of the future shape of the breast size and health.

therefore, the maintenance of the breast, the selection of the size of the underwear is very important.

2, pay attention to daily breast self-examination

women can prevent breast cancer through regular breast self-examination in order to timely treatment. Women at home can be carried out in the following four steps:

: look at the mirror with his hands drooping, careful observation of the size of the breast on both sides of the symmetry, there are all normal protrusions, skin and nipple whether there is depression or eczema.

: left hand to touch the back of the head, with the right to check the left breast, fingers Finger light pressure of breast, feel lumps, nipple started by ring clockwise check, gradually outward (about three or four turns), to all the breast examination end date, use the same method to check the right breast.

: lying down the left shoulder put a pillow, the right hand bend to the head, repeatedly "touch", check on both sides of the breast.

twist: in addition to the breast, but also to check whether or not axillary lymph swelling. Finally, the thumb and index finger pressure nipple, pay attention to whether there is abnormal secretion.

The best time of

examination: normal menstrual women, 9-11 days after menstruation is the best time for the breast examination, then the effects of estrogen on breast minimal breast in a relatively quiescent state, easy to find the lesion. During lactation the mass appeared, such as clinical suspected cancer, should be further examined after weaning.

3, do not use breast products

although all breast products are claimed to contain no hormones, but if it does not contain hormones, is not to play any role. Formal qualified products are not containing some of the banned chemical composition, but if abused, the biological agents will also lead to endocrine disorders. The long-term use of breast products, it may inhibit secretion of estrogen in the body, and the effect of breast development of secondary sexual characteristics. Therefore, breast enhancement products a lot of mercy, these drugs have very serious consequences. If you are not careful to use illegal products, perhaps a second chest quickly become larger, the next second will be due to side effects and leave a lifetime of regret.

guidance expert: Deng Minduan.

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