What are the secrets of fast food

fast pace of life, fast food has become more and more people’s choice, so many people think of venture capital to open a fast food restaurant. So, a fast food industry in recent years, the development of the market, business is hot, become one of the top ten franchises, so won the attention of investors and join with unique flavor, is also the most consumers consumers eating. So what are the secrets of the fast-food business?

The fast-food business secrets:

1, buy less, buy frequently. Experienced fast food chefs know the normal number of guests in their hotel. According to this point, to be aware of. How much raw material is purchased per day. When business is particularly good, it should be more than a few times to buy.

2, fast food business, inventory of goods as far as possible to run into, so as to avoid long-term deterioration.

3, fast food shop purchasing department should keep abreast of market information and changes in the price of vegetables, notify the chef or chef.

4, some of the seasonal or other reasons for the impact of the price of raw materials, fast food restaurants can choose those who are more resistant to storage in advance at the low price of some purchases, but must be preserved.

these are the daily procurement and storage problems, although it is necessary to be our attention, but there is a last secret. Fifth fast food business tips is to keep staff mutual coordination, actively serving speed, ensure to retain old customers. All employees, including the boss and their relatives, family, food must be under the menu, do not see the kitchen food menu.

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