Tea shop opened a variety of tips

want to shop more and more entrepreneurs, small business is the first choice to start rich, open a tea shop has a greater opportunity. In the face of some of their favorite brand of milk tea mixed, I do not know how to start, do not make decisions. Here really want to open a tea shop to share some personal experience:

from the bottom accumulation as entrepreneurs, you need to experience every little bit accumulation of wealth. Remember: don’t always think about other people’s success, experience, thinking. Those are others, it is impossible to clone, it is not realistic. To be successful, we must find ways to exercise their own business activities as soon as possible, so as to form a set of their own experience, thinking mode. These things need to be understood, others can not help you. After a certain degree of accumulation of their own experience, to open a tea shop to make money and difficult.

in the pay to get in return what clever door didn’t open tea shops, but also is not to say that we must endure hardship. Maybe you’ll find something new in a few months or days after you change your position. Usually pay attention to the surrounding public business, regardless of size, maybe one day, you will find the key to open the door of their business intelligence.

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