You have the effect of safflower injection for the treatment of dysmenorrhea three health female

for dysmenorrhea girls often appear to understand the treatment of dysmenorrhea related methods are necessary. In fact, in real life, there are many ways to treat dysmenorrhea, but the majority of girls are more confident that Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine can be cured by the treatment of dysmenorrhea. In these Chinese herbal medicines, there are red flowers. So, what is the secret recipe of safflower treatment dysmenorrhea?

1, a secret recipe

secret: Cyperus rotundus, Da’an Guangxi, trumpetweed, Rhizoma Corydalis, radix salviae miltiorrhizae, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, safflower, Costus root, red peony root. The secret of Qi, blood stasis and analgesic effect, apply to qi stagnation and blood stasis caused by dysmenorrhea. The use of the recipe is very simple, as long as the above medicinal materials according to a certain amount of water can be decocted, it is recommended that a day, two times a day.

2, secret recipe two

secret: Chinese angelica root, red peony root, Cyperus, rehmannia, peach kernel, safflower, chuanxiong, peony bark, Rhizoma corydalis. The recipe with blood stasis, Qi analgesic effect, suitable for cold coagulation due to stagnation of dysmenorrhea. For example, menstrual pain symptoms of abdominal pain, you can take this recipe to ease. The recipe suggests starting a week before menstruation, taking a daily dose of water.

3, secret recipe three

recipe composition: safflower, angelica, radix paeoniae rubra, pollen Typhae, frankincense, fried turtle shell, Radix Aucklandiae, Rhizoma sparganii, boninrousette, Su ophicalcitum, sawdust, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Linderae myrrh, taiwan. The recipe has the efficacy of Qi and blood circulation, removing blood stasis and relieving pain, suitable for patients with qi stagnation and blood stasis dysmenorrhea. Use the water for two times a day.

What are the treatment of dysmenorrhea

safflower recipe? It introduces three recipe for treatment of dysmenorrhea Honghua for everyone, are relatively common, treatment of dysmenorrhea effect is remarkable, but the recipe is suitable for different types of patients with dysmenorrhea. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone in the use of these recipes before consulting the doctor, so as to avoid the risk of eating Chinese medicine.

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