Xiao Bian invites you to test do you have a wealth of face

Chinese people like to look at the face, good and bad people like to look up from the face of the difference, entrepreneurship will often do some research. The following small series will take you to a test to see if you have a rich face, which can create a truly rich tomorrow!

1, a man with a broad forehead and chin. Forehead wide chin successful people are likely to be the legacy of the elders, chin represents the place of wealth, the radius means that there is room for money. Only a chin also will not be rich, also depends on whether the broad forehead, to determine whether the person has a large fortune in the future, only the broad forehead and chin will easily complete overnight.

2, a slender, elongated eye. The characteristics of Danfeng and Eichhornia for eye shape slender, eye end up to the temples, sometimes a single eyelids or a double eye inside, not exposed, bright eyes is clever and has excellent reaction ability, can focus on the wisdom business, seize the opportunity to get rich overnight.

3, bushy tail. Mei Wei scattered people spending easy, sometimes not known, people have eyebrows bushy tail and good economic mind, through their own efforts will get great wealth, even in the night.

4, nose of the people. The nose is the most important phase for the financial sector, see the wealth of the nose. For women in terms of the nose for the husband star, the main marriage and wealth, if the nose of a woman well, both his own husband wang. The man represents wealth, a good nose to nose meat, skin with normal luster. Generally very straight nose and nose, round and general Feng as well, the nose meat represents good fortune, conducive to financial success. At the same time the alar open person, money and windfall are good, in short, nose Fenglong people, the cause of access, easy enrichment, good fortune, easy overnight.

5, founder of the human face and thick earlobe. Founder of the people face the momentum, can accomplish great things in your career, if you face founder earlobe thick, Yi Baofu, thick earlobe, money is the most popular, easy to appear overnight.

6, big mouth and mouth up. Mouth of the people, generally sound good, many singers are mouth, the population was good, rich, big mouth people is doing relatively generous, cause large wealth is more stable, mouth if the big people have mouth slightly upward, will give people a message the affinity, good popularity, business will be good fortune, will easily get rich.

can mirror to illuminate, to see if you meet these conditions, of course, these are just some face said, really want to succeed, you have to rely on their own efforts, to be able to work out a lot of wealth in the future, and then enjoy the most comfortable and beautiful life!

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