WeChat entrepreneurial era 2 competition held successfully in Guangzhou

has been popular in recent years, entrepreneurial winter argument, although due to various reasons, the entrepreneurial market is indeed cold, but can not be the cause of the winter tide as the cause of the failure of the business owners. Guangzhou held a WeChat entrepreneurial era 2 contest, the red hot contest broke the capital of the winter, saying that entrepreneurship and passion.

in a "winter capital" argument sound, South Guangzhou a "pioneering red" exceptionally brisk. Two days ago, China’s good business cum WeChat entrepreneurial era of the 2 contest held in Guangzhou. Reporters at the meeting was informed that, at present, including Guangzhou local entrepreneurial team, including the lack of high-quality projects in pursuit of capital. According to the reporter, for the China reached the semi-finals of the good business savvy purchase, love to share, F5 (future store), acceleration, the koala (Koala  Academy), such as the dark horse, projects, many investment institutions stretched out the olive branch.

"outstanding entrepreneurial projects, will never lack for investors, professional investors, capital is always no winter." Xu Hongbo, founder of a major, said the professional investors, investment institutions never winter, financing tends to be cautious, reflecting that we know how to think more opportunities.

"now the whole China economic downturn, in the process of upgrading the industry, WeChat as a super entrance, play a very large role in connecting people, connection." Xu Hongbo said, at present many applications on WeChat, and is closely related to basic necessities of life, and services are closely related, so in early may 90% APP are available through WeChat this entrance, quickly enter a market and verified.

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