Xiamen showings increased the number of people who buy less

is a personal life event in our house, in the Chinese traditional idea, seems to have only one house, only to have a home of their own, in the face of rising prices, many people still made slaves. Reporters visited the island and the number of secondary housing market in the region, found that the first half of the price surge and rob the housing boom has been significantly inhibited. Experienced a surge in the first half of the year, Xiamen second-hand housing prices high operating posture has been formed. With the recent credit limit and restriction policies promulgated, the secondary market will also enter a new delicate game period, suggest that you do not mind slowing, blindly chase.

the buyer not to chase

slow mentality

Jimei, a small number of intermediary agents Xu these days are even too busy to eat rice: in the past, there are only four or five groups of customers every day, there are now more than a dozen groups, with the customer to look at the house is a day." Reporters learned from a number of district real estate agency, since the 8· 26 soil shoot, after the purchase of the policy release, the door to ask second-hand housing customers increased significantly.

reporter noted that many customers are particularly concerned about the purchase of second-hand housing price changes. "XX residential secondary housing at present what price?" Almost every shop customers will ask this question. However, the inquiry asked, the proportion is not high.

from the transaction situation, in addition to 705 sets of transactions in September 2nd, the other day turnover remained stable, or even a downward trend.


9 month 5 days showings, most not limited purchase policy restrictions, just need to, school districts, replacement type, this part of the crowd worry after the restriction lifted prices, hope hand in the purchase period, but most said "don’t worry, look at sets, Bibi price, slowly pick." In addition, the investment does not completely withdraw from the market, but when more cautious, they tend to low price houses, jishou. Therefore, the buyer mentality gradually slowed down, no longer eager to chase.

sellers differentiation, most rational

in fact, the second-hand housing prices is not 8· after the 26 soil beat boom, reporter access to the last three months of second-hand housing listing price, found most of the listings from August has already raised the listing price, and after the increase of soil did not shoot.

overall, compared to July, August after the second-hand housing prices generally 5000 yuan / square meters, the island rose 2000 yuan – 5000 yuan / square meters, barely rose SOHO.

although the current price of second-hand housing prices across the board, but the actual transaction is not ideal, in September 5th, 6, respectively, only traded a total of 137 units, and a total of 132 units, and recommended

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